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New Creation Community

Life in the spirit
12 weeks to experience the power of the Holy Spirit
Stay tuned for the next session
What is this about?

Come on a journey to explore life as an intentional community relying on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Often we can think of the Holy Spirit as a gentle dove or a flickering flame, but the reality is that God's spirit is a raging fire that can be intimidating. Join us for a 14-week journey to discover the power of the Holy Spirit, so that you can go deeper in your faith. There will be an opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and fellowship with like-minded explorers. On the fourth week, we will have a Pentecost celebration.

What will happen?

Life in the Spirit has ended for this year, stay tuned for the next offering 

Who is invited?

Anyone 18 years or older, who wants to go deeper in there faith. All Christian denominations are welcome.  Anyone who wants to experience an authentic, loving, prayer community, which structures itself on using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who needs to experience God's love in a radical and powerful way

Short film

We watch 20-25 min film. The range of topics presented in them is vast but they all focus on discovering the person of The Holy Spirit and how to experience him more


We guarantee that you will not be bored!

Discussion groups

We exchange our opinions and views on topics presented in film. You may ask any question and the non-judgmental atmosphere will help you in presenting your point.


We aim to listen to your story and to get to know you, the real you.  

Ready to jump in?