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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here

2 Cor. 5:17

History of Catholic Charismastic Renewal

New Creation Community is a member of the

North American Network of Charismatic Covenant Communities.

New Creation Leadership Team

_Anne Hamrick.jpg

Anne Hamrick

Head Moderator 



Asst Moderator for Outreach

Mary Ann


Asst Moderator for Community Life

Bob May.jpg

Deacon Bob May

Prayer Meeting


Gary Hamrick

Asst Moderator for Formation

Sandy May

Asst Moderator for Physical Plan


Our Vision

New Creation Community: a beacon of God’s renewal and restoration.


Our Mission

We are a covenant community living, loving, and serving as brothers and sisters to grow more like Jesus through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


We Value

Making Jesus the Lord of our lives

Making Jesus known and treasured by others


Living a life of Baptism in the Holy Spirit as a current of grace


Highly esteeming our relationships within the Community


Nourishing ourselves with Scripture daily


Talking to our God daily and frequently in prayer


Building hope for the future by supporting families to be strong and holy


Serving others as the result of Jesus’ love overflowing from our hearts


Answering Jesus’ desire for Unity in the Body of Christ (John 17)

Why Community

Why Community

Why Community
WhyCommunity NotJustAnArc MaryAnnWest
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WhyCommunity NotJustAnArc MaryAnnWest

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WhyCommunity RareUniquePath BobMay

WhyCommunity SistersInLord MaryAnn
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WhyCommunity SistersInLord MaryAnn

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