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What is prayer ministry

  • A process of mind renewal that is personal and lasting because God reveals His truth

  • An intentional rebuilding of your mind according to God's original plan for you

What happens next?

If you would like to receive ministry, Please call and meet with the facilitator of your choice, found below in your church environment or come to one of our meetings.

meeting info
Meeting information

Individual prayer

2nd and 4th Monday at 6:45pm

Monthly meeting

3rd Saturday of the month


Pray, intercede, worship, receive individual prayer, and conduct bussiness

Meeting location

New Creation Renewal Center

1600 Elbow Road, Chesapeake, Va 23320

If planning on attending please contact

Gwen Taylor


Prayer ministry Facilitators  

Frequently Asked questions

1. What might it do for you?

  • replace old or incorrect thought patterns

  • empower you to discover God's truth yourself

  • change behaviors with which you have struggled, resulting in lasting lifelong freedom

  • help you take personal responsibility for your own feelings and actions


2. What Transformation prayer is not?

  • Counseling

  • guided imagery

  • directed visualization

  • suggestive

  • judgemental 


3. Some potential benefits  of Transformational Prayer

  • Establish and enjoy peaceful relationships and good communication with others

  • identify and eliminate the root reasons for ill feelings and difficulties you experience with others

  • Discover why certain people  cause you to feel negative emotion

  • Discover why you hesitate to confront or do what you know you need to do when it is necessary

  • Discover why you feel uncomfortable in certain situations

  • Identify and overcome life-long fears

  • Find  lasting relief of troublesome memories


4. What is the setting?

  • You meet with a trained prayer mentor and an intercessor for one or two hours in a safe and confidential place

  • The three of you pray to receive God's truth

  • The mentor is present to help you discover this truth on your own and to learn to pray this prayer method on yourself

5. How does this process work?


  • focus on a present issue

  • discover the emotion you feel

  • connect to a past memory with the same emotion

  • find out what you believe in this past memory

  • ask God for his truth about your belief

  • check for transformation




Prayer Facilitators

If you would like more information about this prayer ministry, please go to 

Servants of the light prayer ministry uses the name Transformation prayer ministry with written permission but is not endorsed or affiliated with any entity, corporation, or aspect of Transformation prayer ministry 


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